Presbyopia is the most frequent visual anomaly affecting almost 100% of the population over 40-45 years old. The new trifocal intraocular lenses are the best current solution for presbyopia


The main symptom is the poor near vision that occurs as the patient begins to push away nearby objects in order to get a clear picture. This can lead to visual fatigue or eye tiredness, presenting red eye, stinging, ocular heaviness or headaches.



It is produced by a progressive aging of the lens, a structure similar to a zoom of a camera. The lens, is a lens placed behind the pupil and in front of the retina, which is able to change its shape according to the visual needs at any time.

From the age of 40, this lens loses elasticity and therefore its capacity for accommodation, making everyday tasks difficult such as reading or using the phone. This problem can be corrected with the use of glasses. At more advanced ages, the lens will also opacify, giving rise to the development of cataracts.


To date there is no preventive or curative treatment capable of completely restoring the properties of the natural lens, but there are different surgical options that will help us to see at different distances without the need to re-use the glasses.

The most effective is the replacement of the lens by multifocal intraocular lenses (three distances: distant, intermediate and near) allowing us to correct presbyopia and any associated eyesight defects such as myopiahyperopia  or astigmatism.

At present, thanks to the different models available on the market, we personalize each case, offering the patient the best alternative.

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