Welcome to our ocular illnesses and treatments section, where we will describe for you in detail the most common complaints and the services we offer in order to treat them.

Includes refractive surgery with excimer laser (PRK and LASIK) to correct myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism, and therapeutic surgery to correct Keratoconus and for undergoing corneal transplants.


Cataract or Cataracts is an eye disease that consists of the loss of transparency of the lens, one of the lenses that form the eye’s optical system and allows us to focus the images on the retina. The most frequent cataract in our field is the senile cataract caused by the ageing and deterioration of the lens proteins over time, but there are also other causes for this disease: Metabolic, traumatic, inflammatory, congenital, etc.
The success of the treatment of the various ophthalmological alterations present in the paediatric age group will always be conditioned by the early diagnosis of the same.


It is the area of ophthalmology specializing in the treatment of structures that surround the eye (eyelids, orbit and lacrimal ducts).


The retina is the neural tissue that covers the inner surface of the eye, as if it were a room and the retina the wallpaper. The retina is not a normal tissue, but a piece of brain in charge of collecting the images. Being composed of brain cells, organised in highly structured layers, anything that affects it will entail a serious visual problem.
Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world. A degenerative, silent disease that undermines the optic nerve causing progressive loss of nerve fibres of the retina and changes in the appearance of the optic nerve. All this without the patient hardly perceiving it, especially in the early stages of the disease.
The surface is an anatomical and functional ocular structure that is composed of different ocular structures: conjunctiva, cornea and tear film.


The Institute completes its patient care with The hospital Pharmacy and the Clinical Research Unit, wich allows its patients and professionals to access the latest available treatments for ophtalmological pathologies.
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